Steve Seawright, Bass Guitarist, Vocalist & Song Writer

Steve Seawright was born with one mission in life: learn to play music! He has been doing so for as long as he can remember.  His first memories involve a toy piano, several toy guitars, a set of drums and several other assorted musical “noise makers”.  As a child, he remembers playing just about every instrument known to man (including the pots and pans from Mom’s kitchen).  One magical day, as a birthday surprise he received his first real guitar.  It wasn’t just a guitar it was a bass guitar.  Once he picked up that bass all the other toys went away.  Steve’s Dad brought home a Fender Mustang bass guitar and a small practice amp.  He spent countless hours thereafter absorbing everything bass!  His life changed at that very moment as he began his musical journey.

While other kids began playing sports Steve spent most of his childhood and teen years honing his skills on the bass guitar listening to his favorite bass players and trying to emulate their style.  He spent a lot of his youth playing with the family band, which included his father Bobby, sister Stephanie Hefner, brother-in-law Keith Hefner and on the occasion his mother Cindy. Together, they played churches and singing conventions all over the country.  It wasn’t until Steve hit Junior High School that his playing styles really exploded with the introduction of Jazz.  By that time, his technique and playing abilities had matured so much the Junior High music instructor placed him in the High School Jazz Ensemble.  Jazz changed the way Steve approached music dramatically. It was free flowing, but structured. It was more about feeling the music and not just playing notes on a page. Steve’s favorite quote is “Music is something you feel, not play!” 

Fast forward to today and countless musical opportunities later.  Steve has played bass now for 30 plus years on and off professionally at different stages in his lifetime. His first love is bass guitar but he has learned piano, drums and some rhythm guitar along the way and he enjoys opportunities to utilize his skills and talents given to him by his creator.

Today, Steve is enjoying life as the bassist/vocalist for Anna Catherine DeHart.  When he is not playing shows with Anna Catherine, Steve loves spending time producing and engineering other projects. He says it brings him great joy to lend his years of musical experience to whatever project he's currently involved in, whether it be producing another artist, laying down tracks or performing live on stage.

When not on the road, Steve and his wife Glenda Seawright spend their free time at their country home near Greenville, MO enjoying all of the wildlife that surrounds them and giving God all the glory for it! 

5 String – Fender Signature Series “Roscoe Beck”
4 string – Fender Jazz w/Seymour Duncan pickups & HipShot Drop Tuner
4 string – Breedlove Solo Series Acoustic Bass with LR Bagg Electronics
Ernie Ball: Super Slinky and Earthwood Acoustic strings 
Ampeg SVT410HE – 4×10 cabinet
Ampeg SVT15E – 15″ cabinet
Ampeg SVT-4 Pro (Made in St. Louis!)
Eden WTDI Pre-Amp (Mostly used for acoustic shows)
Truelove Custom & Anvil ATA road cases
Alesis 3630 compressor/gate
BBE Sonic Maximizer
Korg DTR-2 tuner.
Shure ULXs4 wireless guitar system
Livewire power distro
Livewire cabling


Steve plays Breedlove Guitars